Small - Mid Sized Business Website

Upto 10 static or dynamic page website plus Facebook page.


$425 build + $765 first year maintenance

Costs could vary based on your individual needs and requirements.

Phase I - The Plan

After we recieve your request for a quote, we will put together a plan for branding and outline the content and functionality for your website and Facebook Page.

Phase II - Build

In this phase we will build out your site and update or create your Facebook page. We will be working with you to make sure the website and Facebook page meets your requirements.

Phase III - SEO

In this phase we will be tweaking the content and perform SEO reviews until we have accomplished getting your website and your Facebook book page to the highest ranking we can acquire. But most importantly we get the desired results, more traffic to your business.

Phase IV - Maintenance

This phase will include ongoing:

  • Email and Phone Support
  • Hosting
  • Changes to the site as required
  • Maintain Facebook page
  • Weekly backups
  • Updates to any plugins required
  • Security & uptime monitoring
  • SEO reviews

Notice: Your website will be Built, Hosted, and Maintained by SAWright Internet Solutions and can not be transferred. Recurring fees such as: hosting, site theme, plugins and SSL certificate are covered by your annual maintenance fees.

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