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About SAWright

Hello and welcome to SAWright Internet Solutions. My name is Steven Wright and I have been working on the Internet since December 1997. Before that, I was a System Analyst working on mainframes, mini and microcomputers. I worked in many different industries including security, wholesale, manufacturing, automotive,  insurance, and retail.

My career in computers began in the US Navy in 1971 where I was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for my work. My expertise is not just in software solutions but also manual solutions to help improve productivity and building business relationships with your customers.

Today I specialize in providing Internet Solutions to small to mid-sized companies. These solutions are designed to lead customers thru your door and developing strong business relationships that keep them coming back.

I utilize WordPress to build custom websites and work with social media like Facebook, Google, and YouTube to help you create strong business relationships with your customers. I go a step beyond other web developers by also researching review sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google, Bing Places, BBB and specialty review sites like Home Advisor and Angie’s List to make sure your brand is well accepted and protected.

Bottom line, I will make sure your business gets noticed and help lead customers to you. I will help you build strong lasting business relationships with your customers and help build your brand in the community.